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Strawberry How Nursery School in Cockermouth is a modern, purpose-built, private Day Nursery. Within our setting we seek to offer professional, high-quality childcare and early years education within a friendly and caring atmosphere. We are open from 7.30-6.00pm, 50 weeks a year and we are proud that all our staff have a Level 3 qualification of higher. We are unusual in that we have specialist facilities and staff specially trained to care for babies. We have recently reduced the number of baby spaces that are available. We have the highest accreditation from Cumbria Childrens' Services and since 2009 we are the only Nursery in the Cockermouth Area to have a 5 star food hygiene rating from Environmental Health.

Needless to say, we are all proud of our Nursery - we hope you gain lots of information from our website. Nevertheless, we live in times of change so we thought it a good idea to throw some light on the new Government funding proposals.      

A note on the new Government funding 

The first thing to say is that this is described by the government as free childcare. It is a lovely concept but unfortunately it is not free, rather it is funded and there is a difference. The funding goes in equal measure to all providers although for our part we have heavily invested in our setting -to gain its benefits you might be expected to contribute a little towards parts of this childcare that are not covered by the funding.

3 year olds - this funding continues the same as before. At the present time our 3yr old funded places are full to new children from September 2024 to September 2025.

2 year olds will be funded from April 15th 2024 (189 hours in summer term). This is for children who are two years old before 31.03.2024. Both parents must be working and they need to claim their funding code well before 31.03.2024. It is worth £327.60 per month till September and thereafter from September it's £370.50 per month. Food is subsidised up to the point of funding when at this point it is charged at cost. With the prospect of funding there has been significant interest in places so priority is given to present parents although there are a few spaces on certain days for new children. Thursdays are full to 2yr olds till March 2025.

9 mth old babies will be funded from September 2nd 2024 for 47.5hrs/month. This is for children who are 9 months old before 31.08.2024. Both parents must be working and they should claim their funding code well before 31.08.2024. This is worth £370.50 per month.  The nursery is open from 7.30-6.00pm and we are unusual in that we do not charge a day rate. Instead we charge by the hour with a minimum day of 6.5hrs - we do not take half days. We have recently reduced the number of baby places so we are now only taking children that book at least two days. As a minimum two days on this basis would cost £16.00/wk. Most mums of babies have always booked at least 6 months in advance. Nursery food for babies remains subsidised. 
























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